Packaging Codes

Note: These cards sets are used in the packagers. Check the 'Packager Type' column for the proper packager unit to be used.

Name Packager Type Cards
Coldrium Resources GY
Ebonite Resources PBRY
Beromium Resources PPN
Selidon Resources OY
Solarium Resources OBRY
Peripe Resources BO
Arcinet Resources RO
Glomium Resources PN
Starium Resources NONO
Ozinate Resources GNO
Phorium Resources YY
Thelerium Resources BGR
Water Resources NB
Pure Water Resources NBB
Adenine Resources GG
Thymine Resources PP
Guanine Resources BB
Cytosine Resources RR
Frozen Pike Powder Resources GGB
Spind Blocks Resources GOY
Glowing Crown Leaves Resources GBP
Dry Cap Slices Resources GYY
Fire Blom Leaves Resources GRR
Spotted Cow Slices Resources GNP
Fly Amanita Slices Resources GNR
Surasa Stalk Pods Resources GBG
Pinea Etiria Leaves Resources GYO
Carbon Resources NNN
Plant Recover Resources RGB
Energetic 10 points Consumables YBR
Energetic 25 points Consumables YBRG
Energetic 50 points Consumables YBRGP
Comfort Recover 10 points Consumables RGY
Comfort Recover 25 points Consumables RGYR
Comfort Recover 50 points Consumables RGYRG
Freeze Protection 5pts 5mins Consumables BBNB
Freeze Protection 10pts 5mins Consumables BBNBB
Warm Protection 5pts 5mins Consumables RRNR
Warm Protection 10pts 5mins Consumables RRNRR